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Cornerstone Ventures recognizes that profit earning mandates which distinguish social enterprises from their service focused nonprofit counterparts require some significant cultural and organizational changes for stakeholders rooted in grant and contribution supported services. An array of organization assessment tools, training programs and coaching services to assist clients in their efforts to start and operate a social enterprise as a business rather than as a service program is provided by Cornerstone Ventures. 


Often, the development of a social enterprise is linked to strategic planning or sucession planning efforts undertaken by nonprofit groups concerned about diversifying income streams. With colleagues from Cornerstone Consultants, Cornerstone Ventures can assist groups and entrepreneurs in assessing if and how to move forward with the development of a social enterprise or the conversion of a program such as an education service or meals on wheels program into an income producing venture. Services include:


  • Organization and Operations Assessments

  • Executive Performance Evaluations

  • Incentive Compensation Programs

  • Loyalty Program Designs

  • Shareholder Recruitment and Development

  • Cooperative Development and Organization

  • Collaborations and Partnership Development


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