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Cornerstone Ventures LLC helps organizations find ways to become profitable and socially responsible. 


Experienced advisory teams show clients how social enterprise business models and impact investment tools can meet triple bottom line goals for people, planet and profit.  We offer suggestions about innovative solutions that can lead to self-supporting and sometimes lucrative projects, programs and businesses. 


When engaged, we provide assistance in the form of consultations, capacity building and strategic planning that results in new jobs, needed goods and services, and environment preservation or restoration.  Much of our guidance is based on decades of leadership experience in community development, poverty alleviation and economic development work that our associates have accumulated.  Initiatives we have led or organized have resulted in increased tax revenues, new or revitalized services and programs, and improvements for which people and communities are proud.

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Development Assistance

Cornerstone Ventures' consulting team members can draw on experiences that have provided challenged communities in urban, suburban and rural settings with more  than $600 million in funds for neighborhood improvement, revitalization, economic development,  housing, and resilience readiness programs. 

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Organization Capacity Building

Cornerstone Ventures helps principals, directors, principals, funders and others involved in the development and operation of  for- profit and non-profit enterprises develop a management structure and culture that will lead to sustainable and needed outcomes.  

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Impact  Funding

Cornerstone Ventures help project planners  establish metrics that will appeal to impact investors who want to monitor effects new or strengthened businesses have on people, communities and environmental conservation restoration or conservation initiatives. 


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Development Financing Support

Cornerstone Ventures’ principals can offer guidance based on tested experience in community development financing and in addressing practical issues that can affect collaborations, public/private partnerships, cooperatives, and trade networks that can play key roles in advancing social enterprise development. 

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Agriculture & Food Business

Cornerstone Ventures has advised on agriculture production and food service ventures, worked with proponents of new food production technologies, developed grocery stores and mobile food markets within urban food deserts, created aggregation and distribution systems for locally produced foods, and advised on the processing of local foods for institutional sales.




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Advisory Services

Our aim as advisors is to move clients to levels of performance that will reward stakeholders and realize the sustainable outcomes they intend for the communities and regions they serve. Our advisory teams have capabilities uniquely suited to project management, financing, marketing, construction oversight, human resource reviews, systems integration and hard-nosed assessments of success.


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